Fire extinguisher of the revolutionary FSS FIRE 25 concept

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The revolutionary fire extinguisher FFS FIRE is the most compact, smallest, lightest and most effective fire extinguisher in the world. Forget the traditional heavy and bulky fire extinguishers! FSS F...More information
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Fire extinguisher of the revolutionary FSS FIRE 25 concept
The revolutionary fire extinguisher FFS FIRE is the most compact, smallest, lightest and most effective fire extinguisher in the world. Forget the traditional heavy and bulky fire extinguishers!
FSS FIRE's solid construction has no moving parts and there is no risk of time loss due to lack of propellant during use, which is the main difference from a traditional fire extinguisher.
In practice, this means that FFS instruments will never need any service, maintenance or revisions. The filling of the device consists of a solid chemical, it has no effective expiration.
The manufacturer provides a three-year warranty from the date of sale and indicates a fifteen-year shelf life.
FSS Fire releases a non-toxic gas that is harmless and does not harm children or animals.
Always follow logical principles and safety instructions when using - the extinguishing current should not be directed directly at people, children or animals.
FSS Fire is a premium product from Italy and is certified by CE Europe, TÜV, RINA and many other institutions worldwide.
It has been institutionally tested and certified for use by armies, emergency services, police and other armed forces around the world with many international military and law enforcement groups actively using it.
A big difference compared to classic fire extinguishers is that the contents of FFS FIRE are completely clean and do not leave any foam, powder, etc. residues. During the use of the device, a chemical reaction takes place, which sometimes pushes a trace amount of soot out of the case with the extinguishing medium. The extinguishing medium is non-corrosive, non-toxic and has no negative impact on the environment. No special treatment is required in the event of inhalation by an intervening person or a trapped person. The medium is non-toxic and harmless to health.
FSS FIRE has been tested to operate effectively in temperatures from -140F to +320F. The overall construction of the FSS FIRE element is resistant to the ingress of moisture, water, sand and other contaminants, provided that the yellow cap covering the active part of the stand remains installed and undamaged. The reason is that the active part of the device always remains dry. The FFS FIRE device can be stored in humid environments, and in hot summer and desert environments. In vehicles, it is therefore possible to transport it both in the crew compartment and, for example, in the cargo compartment.
Functionality and use of FSS FIRE. The device works by extinguishing fires at the molecular level. Its gas chemically breaks the chain of combustion and effectively extinguishes the fire without degrading the extinguished object with powder etc. like standard fire extinguishers. During use and operation, the device does not consume ambient oxygen.
In principle, the gas will "attach" to the oxygen surrounding the fire and thus prevent the ability to connect with the chain of combustion, without affecting the possibility of breathing this oxygen by the responding or rescued person.
In practice, this means that the gas coming out of the activated device will create a "containment cloud" around the fire. By creating a cloud that prevents oxygen from further supporting the combustion, it is essential to the containment and eventual extinguishment of the fire. The advantage of FSS FIRE is that it allows you to extinguish the fire from a medium and gradually even the minimum possible distance. When approaching the focus of the fire, move the device in circles, which you gradually reduce until you reach the center/focus of the fire. In this way, you will prevent the further spread of the fire.
Extinguishing agent: The extinguishing agent used consists of potassium nitrate, an organic oxidizing agent and a plasticizer. Potassium has strong inhibitory properties due to its weak ionization energy.
During the reaction of potassium nitrate (KNO3) inside the fire extinguisher, it breaks down and the resulting gas is mainly composed of free radicals of potassium K+, nitrogen N, which in this case is an inert gas.
Potassium radicals (K+) capture oxygen from combustion and thus extinguish it.
In closed spaces such as the engine compartment of the car, the electrical switchboard and the like, the effect of FSS FIRE is even more striking. Its filling, the active gas, is heavier than air. In this way, it fills all even hard-to-reach spaces and thus prevents burning and re-ignition.
The use of the device is absolutely universal, from offices, computer centers, sales and storage areas, vehicles, motorcycles, motorhomes, construction equipment, garages and workshops, production areas to military equipment, ships and aircraft.
Extinguishing time: FSS25 - 25s, FSS50 - 50s, FSS100 - 100s

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