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Almost thirty years of offroad and overload travelling by 4x4 cars all over the world connected with free and wild camping has led us to make use of the experience that we are now offering to you through our new e-shop. This way our great hobby will take a specific form which is not purely professional but just a matter of our enjoyment.

There is nothing better than falling asleep under a clear sky full of stars, looking into an evening fire at isolated places so far unaffected by civilization privileges and comfort. On the road, we get to know the landscape and new things as we do the planning for ourselves or just discover them where we are by coincidence, for example according to information from locals or simply by turning somewhere while looking in the map.

We go for our 4x4 trips in small groups, alone, with or without our children, in short - based on the current situation of each individual coming from their employment, family, and other duties. Our journeys are not expeditions but trips. Expeditions are about discovering something new and yet undiscovered and there is probably no longer a corner of the world where the man has not set foot. We discover discovered but forgotten locations in the hideaway outside the areas crowded by organized mass tours of travel agencies or groups of fully equipped camper vans most often in white.

We just enjoy the freedom and the wilderness where we have the maximum space for relaxation. But we understand that everyone is different. In order to survive in the wild with the necessary comfort, we have tried out many types of equipment over the years, some of which have become unnecessary, some of which have been dismissed due to the high weight, low life, lack of reliability, complexity of use, etc. Therefore, we will be offering only the highest quality in our e-shop - long-time tested and proved products from renowned manufacturers and adventurers with the same spirit and focus from all over the world.

It is not our goal to include a wide range of low-priced products of unstable quality in our portfolio because “we are not rich enough to buy cheap things”. This slogan has proved true in many unexpected and unforeseen situations we needed to cope with on the road so that we, the crews, and the cars themselves, could always return from a trip without a harm. The credo, and is my personal principle, is “together there, together back”. I would like to thank all friends who supported us in our idea and contributed in no small part to the creation of this project for a narrowly focused group of people in our society.


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