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Individually, anytime and anywhere because 4x4!

Individually, anytime and anywhere because 4x4!

Europe is not only about picturesque cities and historical monuments. Although it doesn't seem like it at first glance, the old continent offers plenty of adventure and independent travel for adventurers traveling individually with 4x4 vehicles. In this article, we will offer you some tips for trips where you can use the possibilities of your 4x4 vehicle. But remember the principles of offroad travel! Do not drive off marked and traveled roads into the wild. Camp and make fires only in designated and suitable places. After departure, please clean up the campsite and take away your rubbish. Also, don't forget to clean everything up after morning bodily needs and hygiene. It's simple, bury everything with a shovel. It is not difficult to follow these simple principles, which will ensure that the public and the relevant nature protection authorities will not oppose us, and we will be able to continue to travel freely.

  1. Spain: Picos de Europa These mountains offer picturesque mountain scenery, endless pastures and breathtaking mountain passes. A 4x4 vehicle will allow you to penetrate these mountains and thus discover beauties that otherwise remain hidden to "regular" tourists.

  2. Spain, France, Andorra: Pyrenees The mountain massif stretching between Spain and France offers countless off-road routes with beautiful views, serpentine exits and maintained campsites. A ride through mountain passes and picturesque traditional villages will allow you to discover and get to know the beauty of this European wilderness.

  3. Romania: Transfagaras and Transalpina These are some of the most beautiful roads in the world according to Top Gear. The Romanian Carpathians as a whole are beautiful and offer complete versatility in the use of your equipped 4x4 vehicle. Where else in Europe will you see bears so close to the roads that you can almost touch them. But beware, they are still wild animals!

  4. Sweden: Sarek National Park It is one of the oldest national parks in Europe. Here we will see wild mountains, glaciers and untouched, beautiful nature. Unpaved roads will take us where organized tour groups can't go.

  5. Iceland Its wildness has absorbed many travelers who return here repeatedly. Waterfalls, geysers, volcanoes, thermal springs and Puffins are the main destinations for travelers. Everyone wants to experience everything as intensely as possible, as much as the local nature allows. Don't just focus on the main circuit along the coast, visit the inland as well. You will not regret.

  6. Poland: Bielsko práles A beautiful destination on the border of Poland and Belarus, where we can see wild European Bison and many other animals such as moose, deer, wolves. But the main magnet is the bison living here in the largest herd in the world.

  7. Italy, France: Old Alpine Military Roads You can enjoy the wildness of the Ligurian Alps stretching between Italy and France to the fullest in a 4x4 vehicle. Mainly during the First World War, this area was heavily fortified, which also brought about the construction of fortress roads that we can now use for our wild travels. Fort Central, Fort Jafferau, Parpaillon tunnel, Mount Somellier is what you won't see anywhere else. A typical animal inhabiting this area is the Marmot. Your little fellow travelers will be very happy to watch them wandering among the burrows at the foot of the mountains.

  8. Bosnia and Herzegovina Lake Šator, the old Željava military airport, the Strbačky Buk and Martin Brod waterfalls, the Una river, the old Olympic sports grounds (Sarajevo 1984) and others. With its beautiful nature, friendly people, good cuisine and clashing cultures, Bosnia offers many unforgettable itineraries for travelers. Take care of your safety in the mountains and forests! Some areas still bear remnants of the war from the early 1990s and are mined.

  9. Croatia: Northern Velebit, the Krka river with waterfalls, the island of Brač. The beautiful limestone mountains with gravel roads, where the legendary films with the Apache Indian chief Vinnetou were filmed, will offer you countless wonderful experiences. On the island of Brač, we can admire several submarine bunkers excavated in the mountain massifs.

  10. Albania: Drin River, Komani Reservoir Lake, Bajram Curri, Theti National Park with Theth Village, Prokletije National Park, Škodar Lake, Valbona River, Lura Lakes There is a lot to see in this "wild" Balkan country. In addition to natural beauty, we will also see countless concrete domes, bunkers that were built by the Albanian dictator Hodža, as his attitude to another form of communism. Albania is the land of eagles and Mercedes. Who does not have a Mercedes, as if he did not exist.

Water on the go.

Water on the go.

When traveling to remote places, and during hot summer days, it is essential to always have enough water for personal hygiene, cooking and drinking. It is not for nothing that desert guides recommend having 6 liters of water per person per day for each day spent in the desert. Based on our personal years of experience, we have a solution for you.

We have selected products that emphasize functionality, durability, ease of use and, of course, quality. Canisters and tanks from the American company WaterPort meet all these criteria.

Features of WaterPort products:

  • Durable and healthy materials.
  • Textured plastic in black color that maintains a pleasant water temperature on sunny days.
  • Widely used for transporting water, showering, washing vehicles and equipment from dust, sand and mud.


  • Transporting water to roads.
  • Showering for yourself or pets.
  • Rinsing the vehicle, shoes and other equipment.

WaterPort products are used not only by adventurers and travelers, but also by IZS units, the military, fishermen, farmers, dog trainers and many others around the world.

Filling and control:

  • Intuitive and simple.
  • Portable air compressor or air hose from car spare tire (not included) for pressurizing larger tanks.

Available sizes:

  1. Go Spout (7.6 litres): Single or two-person short journeys.
  2. Day Tank (14.6 liters): A crew of three for a full day of travel.
  3. Weekender (30.3 litres): Stock for a whole weekend in nature.

Specific use:

  • Farmers and gardeners to prepare sprays.
  • Warning: After using various chemical solutions, the tanks are unsuitable for drinking water.

We wish you a comfortable journey clean and thirst-free with WaterPort tanks!

Travelling by 4x4, exploring hard to reach locations.

Travelling by 4x4, exploring hard to reach locations.

Anyone who loves independent solo travel will occasionally encounter a situation when exploring remote locations where they are left to their own devices, their abilities and their vehicle's equipment. It is important not to panic in such a situation. It is important to remain calm and balanced, only in this way the mind will allow us to think rationally and effectively. Then comes the actual act of figuring out how to extricate the stuck vehicle.

It is proven by adventurers all over the world that the MAXTRAX MKII rescue plates are the most effective method for individual rescue.

Australian adventurer Brad McCarthy, author of the off-road guide "Dirty Weekends: The Essential 4WD Guides", has experienced firsthand how dangerous it is to be stuck in remote areas, without any help from civilization. This personal experience led him to develop and first introduce the MAXTRAX MKI rescue plates in 2001. The goal he set was to create a light, easy-to-use, easy-to-store rescue system, plates with engaging traction spikes. The priority was that regardless of deep mud, sand or snow, the boards would work. In 2004, Brad McCarthy teamed up with the Australian manufacturing company Dienamics, which has long-term experience in plastics processing. This is how the first MAXTRAX MKI boards were created.

The current generation of MAXTRAX MKII rescue boards will always help you solve any dangerous situation. An important aspect is the use of plates under all the driven wheels of the car. That is that 4x4 vehicles should be equipped with four escape plates. This is the only way to ensure maximum traction for the 4x4.

Today, MAXTRAX products are used around the world by integrated rescue system components, firefighters, mountain services, we find them in ambulances and police vehicles, mining, mining and energy companies, they are used by adventurers and travelers, hunters and managers of nature reserves, long-distance rally racers and last but not least a number of armies around the world, including UN units. Everyone appreciates their flexibility, ease of use and quality.

The use is not only for 4x4 cars, but also for motorhomes, buggies, four-wheelers, etc.
In 2010, the MAXTRAX MKII rescue plates won the prestigious Global Media Awards at the SEMA offroad fair in Las Vegas, USA.
If you are looking for simplicity and reliability for recovery, MAXTRAXII recovery plates are the right choice.
MATRAX will always help you out of any unpleasant situation!

For more information, click on the complete range of MAXTRAX products at Camping Wild .

Fuel and water on the go wth Overland Fuel

Fuel and water on the go wth Overland Fuel

Our hobby makes demands on us and on our off-road, SUV, adventure motorcycles or motorhomes. Being independent and self-sufficient on long journeys requires top quality equipment for your vehicle or motorcycle. Being prepared for all possible scenarios is key, and running out of fuel and water can be an unpleasant and stressful experience that should be avoided if possible.

Even additional fest tanks mounted in the car can fail in the event of a defect, for example a puncture or rupture of the supply hose. Therefore, it is important to have fuel and water stored independently.

Nowadays, tin canisters of the "Jerry" type are being replaced by light plastic products. Overland Fuel canisters are among the best! They are made of single-layer patented plastic, durable (can be run over by a car) and stay on the surface of the water. Investing in these canisters will soon prove worthwhile.

Overland Fuel canisters are stackable for easy handling. Even a fragile woman who often accompanies us on trips can handle the job with them. In addition to practicality, we also pay attention to aesthetics and design, we offer them in different color shades to match the color of your car or motorcycle.

Various canister sizes are available, including 4.5L/1.19Gal, 8.5L/2.25Gal, 9L/2.3Gal, and 17L/4.5Gal. You can carry them in the cargo area of the car or attach them to the roof or side of the car/motorcycle with a pull-down court. For the ideal fit, we recommend the original Overland Fuel Locking Latch Brackets, which are available with one or two latches and a lock.

The canisters are equipped with flexible pouring spouts with a venting function, which makes pouring liquids a pleasant experience. The pouring spout is practically stored inside the canister body during transport, which ensures safety. Locking nuts with a ratchet are available as an accessory in a duralumin design and are intended for frequent handling of canisters.

Gasoline, diesel and oil resistant rubber seals are used for fuel canisters, while health-safe clear silicone seals are used for water canisters. Each canister is clearly marked with "Fuel" or "Water" for easy identification.

Before using the Overland Fuel canister for the first time, we recommend rinsing and allowing it to dry to remove any possible manufacturing plastic residue inside the canister.

We wish you many worry-free travel experiences with our Overland Fuel canisters, you've got it covered!

Overland and Offroad Adventures in Morocco

Overland and Offroad Adventures in Morocco

Overland and Offroad Adventures in Morocco:

Explore the Sand Dunes and Mountain Trails in North Africa's westernmost country. A country rich in culture, history and natural beauty, Morocco provides incredible opportunities for adventure travel. For lovers of off-road adventures and camping, Morocco is literally a paradise. From driving sand dunes to exploring mountain trails, Morocco has something to offer every traveler and adventurer.

Riding in the sand dunes

For many off-road adventure enthusiasts, driving in the sand dunes is the highlight of the experience in Morocco. Areas like Erg Chebbi and Erg Chigaga offer endless dunes that attract adventurers from all over the world. Explore these areas in your off-road vehicle and experience the thrill of driving in the sand while enjoying stunning panoramas and gorgeous sunsets over the dunes.

Riding in the mountains

For those looking for a slightly different adventure, and not content with just riding on sand and rocky plains, Morocco also offers scenic mountain roads. The Atlas Mountains provide great terrain for off-road exploration and discovery trips, where you drive through breathtaking landscapes dotted with small villages. These mountain roads are often steep serpentine roads with narrow passes, giving your adventure ride the thrill we came to Africa for.

Off-road trips and camping

The whole of Morocco is interwoven with a network of off-road roads that lead through diverse landscapes from deserts to mountains, through valleys and passes. These routes allow travelers and adventurers in 4x4 vehicles to discover corners of the country that are otherwise inaccessible. There are many desert camps in the country that provide overnight accommodation with basic sanitation for visitors and travelers traveling individually in this remote landscape. Here you will find both luxury resorts and traditional Bedouin tents.

Security situation:

Although Morocco is a country with a rich history and culture, it is important to be cautious about safety. Most tourists travel safely and without problems, but it is advisable to follow basic safety precautions. Especially in more remote areas, such as deserts and mountainous areas, it is good to have a well-planned route and to inform someone of your plans. We also recommend registration on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the CZ in the system of registration of traveled persons - Drozd. It is also important to respect local customs and traditions and to comply with local laws and regulations.

For lovers of adventure, natural beauty and individual travel, Morocco is an inexhaustible source of possibilities. With its diverse terrain and rich culture, this amazing country offers a place for unforgettable experiences and there is something for everyone.





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