Fuel and water on the go wth Overland Fuel

Fuel and water on the go wth Overland Fuel

Our hobby makes demands on us and on our off-road, SUV, adventure motorcycles or motorhomes. Being independent and self-sufficient on long journeys requires top quality equipment for your vehicle or motorcycle. Being prepared for all possible scenarios is key, and running out of fuel and water can be an unpleasant and stressful experience that should be avoided if possible.

Even additional fest tanks mounted in the car can fail in the event of a defect, for example a puncture or rupture of the supply hose. Therefore, it is important to have fuel and water stored independently.

Nowadays, tin canisters of the "Jerry" type are being replaced by light plastic products. Overland Fuel canisters are among the best! They are made of single-layer patented plastic, durable (can be run over by a car) and stay on the surface of the water. Investing in these canisters will soon prove worthwhile.

Overland Fuel canisters are stackable for easy handling. Even a fragile woman who often accompanies us on trips can handle the job with them. In addition to practicality, we also pay attention to aesthetics and design, we offer them in different color shades to match the color of your car or motorcycle.

Various canister sizes are available, including 4.5L/1.19Gal, 8.5L/2.25Gal, 9L/2.3Gal, and 17L/4.5Gal. You can carry them in the cargo area of the car or attach them to the roof or side of the car/motorcycle with a pull-down court. For the ideal fit, we recommend the original Overland Fuel Locking Latch Brackets, which are available with one or two latches and a lock.

The canisters are equipped with flexible pouring spouts with a venting function, which makes pouring liquids a pleasant experience. The pouring spout is practically stored inside the canister body during transport, which ensures safety. Locking nuts with a ratchet are available as an accessory in a duralumin design and are intended for frequent handling of canisters.

Gasoline, diesel and oil resistant rubber seals are used for fuel canisters, while health-safe clear silicone seals are used for water canisters. Each canister is clearly marked with "Fuel" or "Water" for easy identification.

Before using the Overland Fuel canister for the first time, we recommend rinsing and allowing it to dry to remove any possible manufacturing plastic residue inside the canister.

We wish you many worry-free travel experiences with our Overland Fuel canisters, you've got it covered!

Fuel and water on the go wth Overland Fuel
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