Rooftop tents from the American manufacturer Badass Tents finally in Europe! We thus offer you exclusive tents of uncompromising quality, which significantly exceed similar products on the European market with their construction. The company was founded in 1966 in Escondil, California. Badass Tents products are intended for the most demanding customers who will appreciate the first-class quality of materials, processing and overall exclusivity of the product. Baddas Tents has its own development and production engineering teams and is not tied to external, unbiased third-party services. With 50 years of experience in plastics manufacturing and 20 years of experience in motorcycle racing, has developed the lightest and thinnest tents on the market. Badass tents can thus be used daily and year-round without constant assembly and disassembly from the car. Thanks to its own division for the production of plastics, Lormac Plastic has developed a plastic for the co-extruded outer shell that provides surface stability, gloss, strength and is resistant to UV radiation. The tent does not age aesthetically and will retain its appearance for many years in an unchanged form. Compared to laminate shells of similar products, co-extruded plastic does not crack, and hairline cracks do not form on its surface, which are the cause of color instability and an unaesthetic appearance, usually after the first year of using a tent with a laminate shell or a shell made of similar materials. Our material is designed to meet even the most demanding conditions of use in wind, rain, hail, snow, frost and in low and high temperatures.

Badass tents in certain specifications can be equipped with our patented transparent MoonRoof for viewing the moonlit sky. With this innovative solution, we've taken outdoor camping to the next level.

The material of the outer shell and in some types of tents and the roof is first-class nylon tent canvas 400D Nylon Oxford, which guarantees high strength, which is ranked at the top of the market. The same is true of the zippers we use, which do not snag, they are equipped with strong handles, with the help of which closing the windows and entrance openings of the tents becomes an easy matter.

For the production of the frames of our tents, we use high-strength aluminum profiles made of material according to the US 5051 standard used in the space industry. The assembled frame weighs only 13.6 kg.

If you are considering the purchase of a roof tent for long-term use, our solution is the one that will ensure it precisely thanks to its unprecedented quality and modern design solution.


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