Travelling by 4x4, exploring hard to reach locations.

Travelling by 4x4, exploring hard to reach locations.

Anyone who loves independent solo travel will occasionally encounter a situation when exploring remote locations where they are left to their own devices, their abilities and their vehicle's equipment. It is important not to panic in such a situation. It is important to remain calm and balanced, only in this way the mind will allow us to think rationally and effectively. Then comes the actual act of figuring out how to extricate the stuck vehicle.

It is proven by adventurers all over the world that the MAXTRAX MKII rescue plates are the most effective method for individual rescue.

Australian adventurer Brad McCarthy, author of the off-road guide "Dirty Weekends: The Essential 4WD Guides", has experienced firsthand how dangerous it is to be stuck in remote areas, without any help from civilization. This personal experience led him to develop and first introduce the MAXTRAX MKI rescue plates in 2001. The goal he set was to create a light, easy-to-use, easy-to-store rescue system, plates with engaging traction spikes. The priority was that regardless of deep mud, sand or snow, the boards would work. In 2004, Brad McCarthy teamed up with the Australian manufacturing company Dienamics, which has long-term experience in plastics processing. This is how the first MAXTRAX MKI boards were created.

The current generation of MAXTRAX MKII rescue boards will always help you solve any dangerous situation. An important aspect is the use of plates under all the driven wheels of the car. That is that 4x4 vehicles should be equipped with four escape plates. This is the only way to ensure maximum traction for the 4x4.

Today, MAXTRAX products are used around the world by integrated rescue system components, firefighters, mountain services, we find them in ambulances and police vehicles, mining, mining and energy companies, they are used by adventurers and travelers, hunters and managers of nature reserves, long-distance rally racers and last but not least a number of armies around the world, including UN units. Everyone appreciates their flexibility, ease of use and quality.

The use is not only for 4x4 cars, but also for motorhomes, buggies, four-wheelers, etc.
In 2010, the MAXTRAX MKII rescue plates won the prestigious Global Media Awards at the SEMA offroad fair in Las Vegas, USA.
If you are looking for simplicity and reliability for recovery, MAXTRAXII recovery plates are the right choice.
MATRAX will always help you out of any unpleasant situation!

For more information, click on the complete range of MAXTRAX products at Camping Wild .

Travelling by 4x4, exploring hard to reach locations.
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