Water on the go.

Water on the go.

When traveling to remote places, and during hot summer days, it is essential to always have enough water for personal hygiene, cooking and drinking. It is not for nothing that desert guides recommend having 6 liters of water per person per day for each day spent in the desert. Based on our personal years of experience, we have a solution for you.

We have selected products that emphasize functionality, durability, ease of use and, of course, quality. Canisters and tanks from the American company WaterPort meet all these criteria.

Features of WaterPort products:

  • Durable and healthy materials.
  • Textured plastic in black color that maintains a pleasant water temperature on sunny days.
  • Widely used for transporting water, showering, washing vehicles and equipment from dust, sand and mud.


  • Transporting water to roads.
  • Showering for yourself or pets.
  • Rinsing the vehicle, shoes and other equipment.

WaterPort products are used not only by adventurers and travelers, but also by IZS units, the military, fishermen, farmers, dog trainers and many others around the world.

Filling and control:

  • Intuitive and simple.
  • Portable air compressor or air hose from car spare tire (not included) for pressurizing larger tanks.

Available sizes:

  1. Go Spout (7.6 litres): Single or two-person short journeys.
  2. Day Tank (14.6 liters): A crew of three for a full day of travel.
  3. Weekender (30.3 litres): Stock for a whole weekend in nature.

Specific use:

  • Farmers and gardeners to prepare sprays.
  • Warning: After using various chemical solutions, the tanks are unsuitable for drinking water.

We wish you a comfortable journey clean and thirst-free with WaterPort tanks!

Water on the go.
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