ALUCAB Expedition Gen 3-R all-aluminum roof tent, black

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ALU-CAB Expedition Gen 3-R all-aluminum roof tent, black The legendary and uncompromising Alu-Cab roof tent in stylish silver or black. Compared to the previous version 3.1, the new generation 3-R ten...More information
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ALUCAB Expedition Gen 3-R all-aluminum roof tent, black
ALU-CAB Expedition Gen 3-R all-aluminum roof tent, black
The legendary and uncompromising Alu-Cab roof tent in stylish silver or black.
Compared to the previous version 3.1, the new generation 3-R tent has a reduced weight of 3 kg, i.e. 75/78 kg.
The proven Alu-Cab roof top tent is one of the most popular and best hard shell full aluminum roof top tents on the market.
Made of aluminum only.
The all-aluminium construction withstands even the most difficult conditions and can therefore be safely opened and closed again at any time.
With this tent, you get rid of the problem with a cracking shell (mainly the surface treatment suffers from hairline cracks), which tents with a laminate construction have.
Internal equipment with LED light and USB connectors make this tent a comfortable and perfect place to sleep.
The new Gen 3-R version, with its tapered and slightly rearward-sweeping top and sides accentuated at the front of the tent, now features a more dynamic and elegant design than the previous version, and cannot be confused with competing aluminum roof tents.
The structural change of the new generation of the tent, which consists in the adjustment between the aluminum rib frame and the smooth aluminum sheet, provides the roof tent with maximum robustness and attractiveness.
The new shape of the tent is more aerodynamic, has less wind resistance.
This has a positive effect on the improvement of the car's driving behavior, especially at higher speeds, on the reduction of aerodynamic noise and, of course, the effect will also have a positive effect on the car's fuel consumption.
There are two integrated C-rails along the entire length of the tent. Alu-Cab Gen 3-R is very variable and can be retrofitted with a wide range of optional accessories, both for transporting loads, placing solar panels, bicycles, kayaks, skis, canisters, shovels, internal positioning grid, etc.
The tent is equipped as standard with storage pockets on the front sloping wall, a mattress and an anti-condensation foam insert and a passage for the supply of warm air from the hot air heater.
The tent is designed to be walkable and can thus be used as a platform for photography, realax, etc.
The newly developed telescopic adjustable ladder simply and safely slides into the desired location to access the tent.
The ladder is stored in a neat transport case in the tent before being fully closed after camping.
The folded ladder takes up almost no space in the tent.
Advantages of the new Alu-Cab roof tent
The roof tent Alu-Cab Expedition Gen 3-R can not only be perfectly combined with fixed Alu-cab roofs.
The tent is intended for permanent or temporary mounting on a vehicle.
The material from which the tent is made - aluminum - is durable, resistant to corrosion and does not age due to UV radiation, the structure does not suffer from temperature fluctuations.
During truly Offroad travel, you don't have to worry about damage to the tent by vegetation, especially tree and shrub branches, as well as stones, gravel and sand.
Damage consists at most in scratching or denting the tent, which does not affect its function, in contrast to laminate tents, where fatal damage can occur and make its further use impossible.
Maintenance of the tent fabric:
The fabric of the tent can be easily cleaned with water, soapy water or (if necessary) mold and stain remover (diluted with water in the appropriate ratio according to the type of product). Be careful not to use unconcentrated stain and mold remover directly on the canvas and then aggressively "rub" the material. It could destroy the impregnation.
The waterproofing spray helps keep the waterproofing stable. However, make sure that this spray is suitable for organic materials - tent canvas Follow the product manufacturer's instructions and repeat the process until you achieve the expected result.
Aluminum shell:
If you want to keep the aluminum body of the tent clean, you can simply use car cosmetics and wash the tent.
Use insect repellant on the front of the tent after insects and other stubborn dirt adhere to it, just like you would on your car.
Moving mechanical parts:
Simply use the multi-purpose spray on mechanically moving surfaces to protect them from corrosion. We recommend WD-40, Brunox, etc. preparations.
Electrical parts:
To protect the electrical parts inside and outside the tent from moisture and still in good working order, treat them with electro-contact spray.
Tent fabric seams:
Even good seams wear out after a long period of use and can let moisture through. This can be easily remedied by sealing the seams with special tent seam preparations.
Long-term tent storage:
If you plan to store the tent for a longer period of time, it is important to prevent moisture condensation inside the closed tent.
1) remove the mattress and store it in a dry place
2) if possible, occasionally ventilate the tent outdoors on a sunny day
3) when storing the tent in closed areas (garage, hall, barn), occasionally open the tent and ventilate it.
Tent dimensions and weights:
weight 75 kg
width 140 cm
height 28 cm (closed tent)
height 160cm (open tent),
total length 230 cm
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