Badass Rugged roof tent, black for Discovery III.+IV.

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Badass Rugged roof tent, black for Discovery III.+IV. We offer you exclusive roof tents and accessories from an American manufacturer with a 3-year warranty. These are the best quality processed and l...More information
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Badass Rugged roof tent, black for Discovery III.+IV.
Badass Rugged roof tent, black for Discovery III.+IV.
We offer you exclusive roof tents and accessories from an American manufacturer with a 3-year warranty.
These are the best quality processed and lightest products of this type that are available on the market.
The Rugged type has the lowest profile that can be found on the roof tent market.
The "V" type tent opening system is designed to allow easy folding/closing of the tent into the transport position.
The installation height of the tent above the roof of the car is only 25 mm.
The Rugged tent comes in three top/roof options.
- with a free roof
- with roof crossbars (can be used for transporting a bicycle, kayak, etc.)
- with roof crossbars and a central panel (can be used for transporting various accessories and equipment, the central panel prevents damage to the roof of the tent by transporting objects)
Its appearance, which has precise geometric shapes, does not in any way interfere with the overall design of the car.
Thanks to the low construction, driving with a tent has a positive effect on the driving characteristics of the vehicle.
Wind resistance and unpleasant aerodynamic noise is minimized to the lowest possible level.
You will be pleasantly surprised by the almost unchanged controllability of the car in all possible driving situations.
The change in the car's fuel consumption is minimal.
The installed tent does not in any way limit the functionality of the rear camera in the roof antenna/fin and does not affect the reception of the satellite signal either.
The height of the body/shell of the tent is 102 mm and the weight is only 51.3 kg!
The outer dimension of the tent is 2150x1310mm
The internal dimensions of the tent are 1930x1145mm
The height of only 102 mm allows you to enter spaces with a reduced profile, such as garages, covered parking lots, etc.
Last but not least, you will appreciate the absence of a surcharge for non-standard car height when traveling by boat, which also brings significant financial savings in this type of travel.
The tent comes with a thermo-regulating foam mattress with a waterproof cover that is 100% recyclable.
The capacity of the tent is two adults + a dog.
The ladder is not part of the delivery and must be ordered separately.
The tent shell is made of durable high-quality co-extruded plastic that looks like the original paint.
The shell is mounted on an extruded aluminum frame. The tent as a whole has only two latches/clips around its perimeter, in the back part. The latches/clips are used to secure the tent in the transport position, i.e. to close it.
The aluminum used in production is of the highest quality on the market and is used in the aerospace industry. the load capacity of the aluminum structure is 230 kg under static load.
The tent has 3 windows allowing a full 360-degree view. The windows are equipped with window nets made of black mesh against the entry of insects.
The waterproofing fabric from which the tent is made is nylon - 420D Nylon Oxford, which is resistant to UV radiation and allows the tent to "breathe" from the outside in.
The tent is delivered in a box, folded and ready to assemble, using LOW MOUNT crossbars. A set of low-mount roof rails is included with all Badass Rugged roof tents.
Or it is possible to mount the tent directly on the original GEN Land Rover roof racks.
According to the attached detailed instructions, assembly will not take you more than two hours.
The opening mechanism of the tent is equipped with high-quality gas struts. You can therefore use the tent undisturbed even in windy, adverse weather.
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