GoSpout 2.0 Gallon Portable Water Tank

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GoSpout 2.0 Gallon Portable Water Tank
Canister plastic Go Spout type contains:
Canister capacity - 2.0 gallons (7.6 liters)
8" long spiral hose with pressure shower head
Canister cap with manual pressure pump
Dimensions 325x290x160mm
Weight empty 8.6 kg, full approx. 9.6 kg
Food-grade plastic material without BPA content, harmless to health
The canister is supplied with a brass hose adapter which protects the thread on the canister even when the drain valve is removed, otherwise it is prone to damage.
Type "A" canister with pressure hand pump, type "B" with garden hose filling adapter.

When traveling, there is always a problem with storing a sufficient amount of drinking water as well as useful water so that it is readily available and safely stored.
The Go Spout canister allows you to always have water at hand thanks to its easy operation. You can keep it in the car, in a tent or shelter when camping, or place it in a temporary hygienic place in nature.
The Go Spout canister can be ordered with a spare cap with a manual pressure pump.
You can use the canister as a reservoir for drinking water, for personal hygiene, cleaning your pet, shoes, bicycle, off-road motorcycle, etc.

The canister can also be used for various solutions for disinfection on farms in agriculture, animal husbandry, plant production, etc. to disinfect both premises and workers' clothing and footwear. If you decide to use this, we recommend clearly marking the canister with the symbol of the substance it contains!
Subsequently, never again use it for drinking water intended for consumption!
The supplier is not responsible for damages and health risks that may arise from changing fillings and incorrect use.

The canister will also find wide application for use in the army, with firefighting professional and voluntary rescue teams, mountain services, the Red Cross, in ambulances of RZP units, in civil defense, etc.

Please note that some images also show optional accessories and do not correspond exactly to the delivery of the standard Go Spout canister kit.
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