Overland Fuel Canister 4.5L/1.19Gal, Yellow Sand

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Overland Fuel canister, volume 4.5L/1.19Gal, plastic with maximum durability.More information
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Overland Fuel Canister 4.5L/1.19Gal, Yellow Sand
Overland Fuel canisters are the strongest canisters on the market.
They are manufactured in the highest quality offered by current production technology in this field.
They are intended for extreme use in various industrial sectors and in all activities where the transport, transport and storage of liquids is required.
They will be appreciated by off-road enthusiasts, travelers, technical service workers, motorcycle riders riding enduro machines, professional and non-professional long-distance rally racers, and last but not least, the army, firefighters and rescuers.
That's why our Overland fuel canisters have a lifetime guarantee! (see terms and conditions)
The maximally rigid construction of the canisters with a functional design guarantees the production process using rotary pressing technology in the most modern pressing equipment.
At the end of the production process, each canister is checked visually and practically by filling it with liquid.
Unlike three-layer pressed canisters, which can peel off due to different pressing technology and the subsequent aging of the product, in the production of Overland Fuel canisters we use only one thick layer of material approved by the certification body and the TÜV testing laboratory. The material is patented.
Overland fuel products are therefore stronger, they are not prone to material peeling due to aging, and most importantly, they are able to withstand corrosive materials such as fuel for motor vehicles, water, etc., even in the most demanding conditions of use.
Extremely high or low temperatures, air humidity in the jungle, dry terrain in the desert, monsoon rains, hail, mechanical damage, etc. none of this will surprise our products and will not cause them to fail.
The canisters have a specially designed leak-proof screw cap with a rubber (fuel) or silicone (water) seal, a plastic pouring self-venting nozzle.
Store the stored empty canister with the screw cap loosened to ensure venting. At the same time, you will extend the life of the rubber seal of the cap.
Wash, rinse and dry the new canister thoroughly before use. The reason - new plastic canisters can sometimes contain impurities from the manufacturing process.
Canisters are delivered including a pouring spout with a plastic screw cap, see description above.
We produce pouring spouts and screw caps in several color variants. They are supplied separately as spare parts.
In addition, you can retrofit your canister with an aluminum screw cap produced by CNC technology.
Aluminum screw caps are supplied separately as an accessory and must be ordered individually.
The aluminum screw cap is stronger than the standard plastic one supplied with the canister. It is intended for those who will handle the canister on a daily basis, and thus make maximum use of its potential by constantly filling and emptying it.
Mounting quick-release kits for attaching canisters are also sold separately.
They come in three designs, with one locking latch, two latches and two latches with a lock.
Fixing sets are made of aluminum, state-of-the-art CNC technology. I then hard anodize the surface. They come in grey-blue, black, red and natural silver.
Made in EU - Holland

Technical parameters:
Dimensions: 360 mm x 270 mm x 85 mm (W x D x H)
Volume: 4.5 liters / 1.19 US gallons
Patented material approved by TÜV
Weight (including plastic screw cap) empty: 1.1kg / 2.42lb
Weight (including plastic screw cap) full of 4.5L of fuel: 4.4kg / 9.72lb (1 liter of petrol = 0.737 kilograms)
A self-venting nozzle is included in the delivery.
Colors: red, black, khaki green, sand yellow, natural - partially transparent (color division according to use - fuel/water)

Every single canister is tested for tightness after the production process.
For this reason, there may be water residues inside the canister.
Before first use, rinse the purchased Water canister with water and the Fuel canister with diesel or gasoline, or any other substance that you will transport in the canister.
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